SML History and Objectives

Marine disasters have a nasty habit of leaving recovery specialists with constant thoughts of “if only we had…” running through their heads.

The “if only” of course refers to the right marine vessels with the right equipment to best tackle the unenviable task at hand. Nobody knows this better than Captain Nick Sloane. There are few around the globe more qualified to examine solution based marine offerings that would tick all the right boxes in extreme and costly conditions.


Nick Sloane has spent an inordinate number of man hours breaking down the intrinsic challenges that engineers and technicians face in this tough industry. A marine disaster generally offers no warning and time is of the essence.


Waiting for vessels to congregate in order to complete an operation has always proved to be a major hindrance in getting on with the job at hand.

With this is mind – the point of departure was portability. The ability to rack, pack and stack a vessel with the necessary equipment into containers and get them onto the first outbound ship heading for the closest port to the disaster area.


Sloane Marine Limited now makes available the SML 1200 Modular Catamaran Platform which was designed and developed as a cost effective and stable marine working platform. The vessel needed to be cost effective, portable and deliver an efficient logistics and storage footprint.


From inception, SML required a top quality and versatile platform that could offer commercial clients with a certified Marine platform that could be cost effectively engineered to their new owner’s specifications.


To achieve this SML turned to a little-known marine yard based in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. A decision was made during 2015 to partner with the Legacy Marine Group to achieve their objectives internationally.


Nick Sloane during this period joined up with RESOLVE who has moved into position on the South African coastline to extend services to the Cape's shipping routes. 


At this point, SML decided to bring together a team of independent specialists to provide efficient and bespoke services and to run its operations while our founder focuses on coordinating the specific requirements of the Legacy Marine Groups clients synergistically.


Our Services are available off our main menu and home page and we invite you to browse our Services and Marine Products which range from Consulting to Marine platform charter, among others.


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