Standard SML 1200 platforms are supplied as follows:


Sponsons Modules


Each sponson is supplied as a modular unit, complete with fuel storage, anchor hatches, sponson compartment access fitments, and motor out-mounts. Integrated motor out-mounts are fully weld and fabricated from 6 mm aluminium plate, ensuring a robust mounting point for the clients proposed outboard engines.


Internal engine mounted modules are provided with adequate engine bearers, and reinforcement to accommodate this option, Jet or Propeller are also catered for.


Deck Support Platform Modules


The supplied deck and lattice beam sections, when assembled, are bolted together, and the complete deck support assembly unit is then secured to the Sponsons, creating a rigid and robust platform ready for deck equipment and superstructure installation.


Hard points are added to both the sponson and deck modules to accommodate our client’s equipment and operational layout requirements.


These deck platforms are constructed from heavy duty rectangular tubing and are split into sections ensuring each section is easily transportable, and assembled when on site.


The standard SML 1200 deck plates are fabricated from 4.5 mm Marine Grade Aluminium tread plate, with pre-drilled rivet holes ready for attachment to the deck support structure when ready for assembly.


Guard and Grab Rails


As an option, standard 900 mm high rails are fabricated from 25 mm x 25 mm Marine Grade square tubing, and supports a 63 mm Aluminium Hand – Grab Rail.


The rails are also supplied in segments, which include hinged gates, and are secured into mounting fittings, which, in turn, are bolted to the provided hard points on the deck.




The client selected or newly designed superstructure is also supplied in assembly modules and is married to the platform by means of hard points that are added to the Sponsons, deck assembly and deck plating.


The unit is supplied with a full set of assembly components, including bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, and sealant, with a comprehensive list of assembly instructions and drawings. Should it be required – the vessel could be fully welded on site prior to launching.


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