Our environmental partner, Xtreme Projects is dedicated to assisting in environmental disasters such as oil spills and industrial factory fires which have a very harmful effect on our ocean and land. Xtreme Projects Marine Division was established after a niche in the market was identified during 2006.


Open-water marine spills:


Our primary response objectives are to prevent the spill reaching the shore, to reduce the impact on marine life and to speed the degradation of any unrecovered oil. Our response teams are able to deal with incidents ranging from chemicals to hydrocarbons.


Xtremes specialised teams are available 24/7 to respond to a variety of spillage types to help reduce potential harm to the natural environment by cleaning up sites effectively.


Our SML Environmental Division is fully equipped with the following:


  • A fleet of Rapid response vessels.
  • Containment boom manufacturing facility based iN SA.
  • Oil response units for deployment to any site.
  • Fully qualified skippers with SAMSA Tickets.


The Xtreme Projects Marine Division offers the following services:


  • O.P.L Supply and Crew Transfers
  • Spill Boom Deployment.
  • Global Marine Environmental Cleaning Services.


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